The Sydney Architect & Interior Design Specialist

Let’s face it, choosing the right Sydney Architect or Interior Design specialist can be confusing as there are so many companies in the industry to choose from. Do you go with the best price or do you go for a specialist with guaranteed quality and results?

The big problem is, many companies now offer cheap prices to seduce you in but deliver very little in quality but by the time you learn this it’s too late and your hard earned money is gone.

The good news is here at Pragmatic Designers you deal direct with the owner of the company who has an outstanding record of proven quality results… Plus you deal direct with the owner, not a junior designer or architect.

So who am I and why would you invest in me?

Hi, my name is Pragati and when you choose to invest in me you are not only hiring a Sydney architect or interior design person, you are investing in an award winning specialist who absolutely loves delivering outstanding results that will leave you delighted to show off.

From wonderful results in home renovations, new budget or luxury homes, bathrooms, kitchens, lounge, family and rumpus rooms, home theatre, laundries, garages, carports, landscaping, decks, addition or alterations or just improving the plan or look of your home all the way from concept to council approval.

For a one on one call with me as your Sydney Architect and Interior Design specialist phone +612 99839405 or email me on for a free quote.

It will be my absolute pleasure to come and have a look at your site so I can see and understand more about what you want delivered.

Who Am I and why Should You Invest In Me?

My experience as an architect and interior designer has led me to work in the UK, India and Australia. Having travelled all over the world to such places as Africa, USA, South America, South East Asia etc I’m able to utilise many of the world’s hidden architecture and designs when delivering outstanding results for your project.

My skills are extremely rare and I’ve been described as having a highly intuitive and creative mind that was made to work in Architecture and interior designing as I always pleasantly surprise even the most astute of designers.

My experience has saved my clients ‘thousands’ of dollars and created highly profitable developments. Moreover I’ve had the honour of transferring Architectural, Interior design and Urban Design Skills, Tools, Techniques and Systems to some of most prestigious complexes in the world.

Designers & Clients are Equal Parts of the Design Process

The real meaning is in mutual understanding and tolerance focused on the same purpose: final creative result. Design and art are highly personal things. Moreover, residential/home design is perhaps the most personal endeavour. Your personal touch brings life to your living space; artistís personal touch brings life to design through your personality so investing the right Sydney Architect and Interior Design specialist is a huge step in the right direction.